These are additional opportunities for local Newport News hotels, restaurants and attractions to talk directly with travel counselors and professionals that recommend accommodations and things to do in our fine city. It is an economical way to extend your sales budgets and reach some of the markets that each of us try to achieve individually. We have found that the AAA offices and welcome centers are genuinely interested in what we have to say as a collective team. The bottom line is that we get to see the people who help steer business to Newport News, so please consider joining a sales mission. If you have anyone on your staff that would be interested in this opportunity please forward this message to them. The only expense that you would have with these opportunities is the cost of lunch and any collateral and giveaways you would be handing out. Space is limited so it will be the first to respond that will attend.

VTC Welcome Center Demos:

These are one-day sales demonstrations in the lobby at various Virginia Welcome Centers in 2015.

New Kent, March 13

New Kent, April 3

New Kent, May 1

New Kent, May 15

New Kent, May 22

New Kent, May 31

New Kent, September 4

New Kent, October 2

New Kent, November 25

Fredericksburg, June 1   

Fredericksburg, June20

Fredericksburg, June 30

New Church, July 1

New Church, July 10

New Church, July 31

Southside Hampton Roads AAA Mission

Thursday, September 25, 2014

We will leave the Visitor Center at 8:30 AM and visit:

1) Norfolk Visitor Center

2) Virginia Beach Visitor Center

3) AAA Va. Beach

4) AAA Corporate Center Va. Beach

5) AAA Norfolk

6) Portsmouth Visitor Center

7) AAA Chesapeake

8) AAA Suffolk 

9) AAA Hampton

We will return to the Visitor Center by 5:30 PM.

Limited to three participants

Central Virginia Mission

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

We will leave the Visitor Center at 7:30 AM We will visit:

1) Fredericksburg Welcome Center

2) AAA Mid-Atlantic Fredericksburg

3) Richmond Visitor Center

4) Virginia Tourism Corporation Bell Tower Richmond

5) AAA Mid-Atlantic Broad St., Richmond

6) AAA Mid-Atlantic Southside

7) AAA Colonial Heights

8) Hopewell Visitor Center

9) Petersburg Visitor Center

Our goal is to get back to the Visitor Center by 5:30 PM.

Limited to three participants

Northern Virginia Mission

Tuesday - Thursday, November 18 - 20 (transportation provided)

Cost: Accommodations for (2) nights (hopefully at a reduced rate) and meals. We will visit welcome centers, visitor centers and AAA offices along the I - 95 corridor, Route 66 and I-81. Itinerary and other details to come. 

As space is limited please contact Andrea Moran at (757) 886-7777 as soon as you can to reserve your spot in the van.

It is a good idea to wear your logo wear and a nametag if you have it. The team will be in the van the whole day so comfortable clothes and shoes are a plus. We will also stop for a quick lunch which is the only expense you would have for this mission. Allocate $10-$15 for the meal.

Plan on bringing a small give away and some brochures made up in a bag for each stop.  

We also bring a box of chocolate chip cookies/sweets for each branch.

Hi-Lite Hampton Roads AAA Holiday FAM

Familiarization tour of 4 Hampton Roads cities offered to AAA Professionals across the United States and Canada. The opportunity to host a tour of an attraction, hotel property or meal provision is requested. This is a coalition of Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk and Portsmouth and has been successful in driving business to Newport News.

For more information, contact:
Barb Kleiss 
(757) 926-1442

Children’s Festival of Friends

The Newport News Tourism and Development Office will have a tent/booth at the Children’s Festival of Friends during the month of May at Newport News Park. We have space for an attraction to share a section of our tent to display items and distribute brochures.

Fall Festival of Folklife

The Newport News Tourism and Development Office will have a tent/booth at the Fall Festival of Folklife at Newport News Park the first weekend in October. We have space for an attraction to share a section of our tent to display items and distribute brochures.

For more information on how to participate in any of these marketing events, please contact Andrea Moran at (757) 886-7777. We hope to have you join us!