Cindy Brouillard Cindy Brouillard | Director of Tourism | 757-926-1425 |

Cindy is the spokesperson and leader for the Tourism Division for the City of Newport News, which includes tNewport News Tourism and the Newport News Visitor Center. Cindy oversees the performance management of the entire organization, tracking, reporting, and results. She works with her team, the Newport News Tourism Advisory Board, the Newport News Hospitality Association and tourism industry representatives to ensure that the tourism industry receives support from local officials, businesses and residents, in order for tourism to flourish in the city.

Contact Cindy regarding:
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Hiring of Marketing, Media and Management Staff
  • Unpaid Internship Opportunities
  • Regional Cooperative Marketing Initiatives
  • Statistical Information
  • Advertising/ Media Placement
  • Government Relations
  • Industry Promotion

Cheryl Morales

Cheryl Morales | Marketing Manager | 757-926-1428 |

Cheryl develops and implements marketing strategies to broaden community awareness and promote the City of Newport News as a meeting destination to a variety of groups, including government, association, religious and corporate markets for meeting and conventions. She handles group inquiries and coordinates their needs for conventions; develops schedules, organizes and conducts familiarization tours, suggests itineraries and site inspections; prepares proposals and develops, designs and updates published materials and video production for groups. She also handles various promotions and housing for regional events. Cheryl represents and acts as a spokesperson for the Tourism Division at local, regional, and national trade shows, sales missions and conventions, and provides appropriate follow-up and distribution of leads to Newport News industry representatives. She also handles some of NNT's local awareness campaigns through public speaking engagements, and by developing programming and scripts for the Newport News Channel.

Contact Cheryl regarding:

  • Group Marketing for Government, Associations, Corporate Meetings and Conventions
  • Group Inquiries/Leads from the above markets
  • Attendance at Industry Related Trade Shows and Conventions
  • Participation in Sales Missions and Familiarization Tours
  • Group Publications (Group Planner) and Video Productions (Marketing Video)
  • The “What’s New in Newport News” Tourism Show on the Newport News Channel
  • Public Speaking Opportunities

Rebecca Cutchins

Rebecca Cutchins | Media Relations Manager | 757-926-1429 |

Rebecca is responsible for developing and coordinating public relations, marketing, and promotional activities in support of the City’s tourism programs. She develops and writes media releases about Newport News’ tourism product and NNT for consumer and industry publications. Rebecca works with local, state, regional and national media, reporters and travel writers. She develops, organizes and conducts media familiarization tours and works with the Virginia Tourism Corporation to host travel writers. Rebecca develops and produces NNT's annual Visitor Guide, twice yearly calendars of events, industry newsletters and African-American and Civil War brochures. She also attends regional and national media marketplaces and distributes leads to the Newport News hospitality industry.

Contact Rebecca regarding:

  • Calendars of Events
  • Film Shoots and Locations
  • Media Releases
  • Media Requests
  • Media Tours
  • Photo and Image Requests
  • Reporters
  • Tourism Currents Newsletter
  • Travel Writers
  • Visitor Guide Content and Advertising
  • 100 Miles of Lights

Barb Kleiss Barb Kleiss | Group Marketing Manager | 757-926-1442 |

Barb is responsible for promoting Newport News as a group destination to a variety of group markets, including Tour and Travel and sports. She also handles the AAA market. Her responsibilities include building itineraries, developing and distributing Requests for Proposals and working with the hospitality industry within Newport News to provide creative options for tour groups. Barb creates sales missions, media releases for these markets and represents Newport News at national tour and travel trade shows and conventions for organizations.

Contact Barb regarding:

  • Group Marketing for tour and travel, sport or AAA
  • Group leads and conventions services for the above markets
  • Group familiarization tours
  • Group planner
  • Group tour and travel associations, i.e. American Bus Association
  • Requests for Proposals for tour and travel group, housing for sport groups and AAA
  • Attendance at industry related trade shows and conventions
  • Tour and Travel media releases

Lisa Kaloustian Lisa Kaloustian | Administrative Coordinator | 757-926-1466 |

Lisa provides clerical and administrative support to the Director of Tourism and to other Tourism staff members. She assists the director in the preparation and monitoring of the annual budget, verifies and submits all invoices and travel reimbursement vouchers for payment, reconciles monthly financial statements, coordinates and updates payroll for all Tourism staff. She completes and distributes the End of Month report to the industry and updates and distributes the weekly calendars of events to the industry and consumers.

Contact Lisa regarding:
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Budget
  • End of Month Distribution
  • Monthly Meeting Reminders
  • Newport News Hospitality Association-based Questions
  • SPAs and Purchase Requisitions
  • Statistical Reports
  • Training Seminars
  • ACT Database questions
  • PCARDS and Purchase Requisitions
  • E-mail Account Setup
  • Monthly Meeting Minutes
  • Calendars of Events
  • Publication Distribution

Bree Bever | Web & Social Marketing Coordinator | 757-926-1440 |

Bree is responsible for web page creation, updating and maintaining the various tourism related websites. She is also responsible for the development and implementation of new, innovative web communication and web marketing initiatives. Working with the Consumer Marketing Manager, she creates and deploys email promotions throughout the year. In addition, Bree tracks, compiles and disseminates web usage statistics monthly.

Contact Bree regarding:

  • Email/Flyer Development that can be handled inside and not by the agency
  • Broadcast promotional e-mails
  • Group promotional materials/mailings
  • Group tour and travel questions in absence of Group Tour and Travel manager
  • Photo and image requests
  • Social Networking Alliances and Opportunities
  • Social Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)
  • All Web site questions, additions, updates, statistics and complaints

Newport News Visitor Center
Janie Tross Janie Tross | Consumer Marketing Manager | 757-886-7777 |

Janie oversees the entire Newport News Visitor Center operation. Janie is responsible for consumer marketing, which includes developing and/or implementing consumer- related programs, promotions, brochures and E-blast promotions. She markets the services of the Visitor Center to our local community and is responsible for industry awareness, customer service training and the Newport News Hospitality Ambassador Program. Janie captures statistical and demographic information from visitors and people who inquire about Newport News through our Web site and she records advertising and media statistics.

Contact Janie regarding:
  • Consumer Marketing Promotions and Planning
  • Industry Training
  • Newport News Hospitality Ambassador Program
  • Travel Counselor Hiring
  • Demographic/ Statistical Information Concerning Visitors/Inquiries
  • Distributing Information at the Visitor Center
  • Requests for Bulk Brochures
  • National Tourism Week

Andrea Moran | Tourism Specialist | 757-886-7777 |

Andrea is the liaison between Newport News Tourism and Virginia’s AAA industry, welcome centers and municipal visitor centers. She produces a quarterly newsletter to update travel counselors at these places about Newport News events and exhibits.  Andrea represents the city at various off-site functions such as fairs, festivals and welcome center demonstrations.  She assists people who are planning family and class reunions, and coordinates a reunion planning seminar, held each autumn in Newport News. She is the local tourism contact for the Virginia Green Travel Alliance which helps restaurants, accommodations and attractions to become more ecologically conscientious.  Andrea also updates the Visitor Center’s outdoor marquee and inside presentation, and ensures the Newport News Visitor Center travel counselors are up to date about the local hospitality industry.

Contact Andrea regarding:
  • AAA and Welcome Center Statewide Visitation
  • ADD: Reunion Planning Support, Welcome Bags and Reunion Planning Seminar
  • Off-site Public Appearances
  • Virginia Green Program
  • Updates for Restaurants, Hotels and Attractions

Dia.jpg Dia Foden | Travel Counselor | 757-886-7777 |

Dia is responsible for ensuring area attractions, accommodations and restaurants are kept up-to-date on what is happening in Newport News so they can share this information with their guests. She distributes Newport News brochures and other promotional materials that help increase in participation in such things as our social media contests, coupon flyers, customer service training, Newport News Restaurant Weeks, familiarization tours, etc. She also encourages clients to join our weekly e-mail list, as well as the Newport News Hospitality Association. Lastly, she works with MWR managers at local military installations and relocation departments to make transfers to the area simpler and more appealing. Her visits are on a 4-6 week rotating schedule.

Contact Dia regarding:
  • Brochure placement and replenishment
  • Information and promotional materials
  • Information on relocation and collateral support
  • On-site Intercept Surveys

Newport News Visitor Center Travel Counselors


Janet Weymouth-German

Jennifer Gosselin

Lisa Holland

Vicky Newberry

Organizational Chart:

The administration of Newport News Tourism (NNT) is the responsibility of the Director of Tourism.